Story of the Terminal 4 Site

Terminal 4 is a master plan to create infrastructure that can meet demand for future coal.

This master plan has been shaped to ensure a “surplus of benefit”, which means the final outcome of this project will have more positive economic, social and environmental benefits than negatives.

When we first started talking about Terminal 4 in 2011 and 2012 we were proposing to seek approval for the full master plan. This was a site that could allow 120 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of coal throughput. Since then we have decided only to seek approval for 70 mtpa.

By reducing to 70 mtpa, we’re also reducing the volume of infrastructure requirements. No longer will the wharf on the Hunter River south bank be required. This means there will be no construction or traffic generated in that area, which in turn reduces the impact of the project.

Likewise reducing to 70 mtpa means less coal stockpiles and less conveyors to move the coal. While this infrastructure is reduced, the master plan still allows for future expansion up to 120 mtpa.

We’re Cleaning Up Past Industries’ Legacies

As part of the Terminal 4 Project, Port Waratah will commit to managing and containing the contaminants on the site – a task that will cost over $100 million.

Why do we need to fix the site?

Past industry didn’t operate under the stringent guidelines we do today. The Terminal 4 site has been used as an industrial waste site since the 1970’s.

Should the development go ahead, Port Waratah is prepared to invest over $100 million dollars to contain and cap the site’s contamination.

Port Waratah strives to operate to best practice and is a proud world-leader in coal handling. The Terminal 4 Project provides a unique opportunity to clean up past industries’ legacies on Kooragang Island and create many benefits to our community, economy and environment.

Social Responsibility

This is why Port Waratah is working from a long-term master plan, to ensure the Terminal 4 Project is a socially responsible development with positive benefits to the economy, environment and the social well-being of the community.

Without approval for Terminal 4, the site will remain an industrial waste site until the Government or another partner is willing to fund the multi-million dollar capping and containing of the site that Port Waratah will perform to our stringent standards.


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