Ready to respond to the global demand for Hunter Valley coal, now and in the future.

Port Waratah remains committed to keep the community informed of each stage of Terminal 4. Part of the project process is to continue to review the plan to ensure the outcomes are in the best interest of stakeholders, including the community. A proposed modification to the Terminal 4 approval has been lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment for optimal results.

Port Waratah proposes some administrative changes for reasons of clarity. The main reason for this relates to sequencing of works and to ensure we undertake certain works at the appropriate time. Currently items under the Site Management Plan and Priority Action Statement are deemed construction activities. We are requesting an amendment of this to sequence the works in a more sustainable and efficient manner. This clarity will mean that action under the Site Management Plan and Priority Action Statement will be able to be completed without the need to construct all aspects of Terminal 4 if demand isn’t required. Another example is the need to construct a 4-way traffic signal along Cormorant Rd. These traffic lights are only required during the peak of construction activities, so the ability to postpone their construction, until after the Site Management Plan and Priority Action Statement but before full scale construction of the Terminal, will significantly reduce unnecessary disruption and delays to commuters.

There is also a need to ensure Port Waratah has the ability to take up the Terminal 4 approval or abandon it, in review of the global demand for coal. We are requesting a condition to facilitate this as we face changing circumstances with feasibility. Port Waratah will only need to construct Terminal 4 if demand requires it. This condition ensures Port Waratah has flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances and is placed in the best position to service its customers without adverse disruptions to the community and coal chain.