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Community Opportunities

At peak construction of the Terminal 4 Project, the Hunter would be experiencing an injection of $770 million per annum, with over 2,900 direct and indirect jobs.

Socially, the development has the potential to bring substantial benefits through increased demand for services; from engineering to accommodation and hospitality. During operations, it is estimated an extra 80 operational jobs will be needed, plus contractor support work.

Construction will be staged over time, but once fully built it is estimated that Terminal 4 will create over $400 million in business turnover for the local economy. For the broader NSW economy there will be over 490 direct and indirect jobs.

Traffic Solutions

As part of the Terminal 4 master plan, Port Waratah would plan to minimise disruption to traffic especially around the peak periods in the morning and afternoon. A traffic light system on Cormorant Road will be needed when peak construction commences. It is proposed these lights will not be built until construction commences to ensure minimal disruption to commuter traffic flow in the meantime. This change is part of the modification request.

During peak construction times, planning would include shuttle buses and staggered construction times for the movement of construction workers to the Terminal 4 site. This should mean less workers are leaving during the normal peak traffic periods and congesting Cormorant Road.

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