Wind propelled vessel berths at Port Waratah

Port Waratah welcomed the MV Afros at the Carrington Terminal on Friday 9 February 2018, the first wind propelled vessel to visit the Port of Newcastle.

14 February 2018

The vessel features four large vertical rotor sails (wind turbines) on the starboard side. Each unit sits on a carriage structure which allows the rotor sails to be repositioned along the deck to facilitate shiploading. Whilst berthed the rotors remain stationary, and are activated just prior to de-berthing.

The rotors work using the principles of the Magnus effect. When the wind passes around the spinning rotor sail, the air flow accelerates on one side and decelerates on the opposite side. The difference in air flow creates a thrust force that is perpendicular to the wind flow direction, thereby propelling the vessel.

An energy source is required to spin the sail, but the thrust produced by the rotors reduces the need for engine power significantly, without losing operating speed. Therefore, saving fuel and ultimately reducing emissions.

The rotors can be designed and installed on new vessels, or retrofitted to existing vessels. Fuel savings range between 5-15% depending on the vessel, its cargo and the number of rotor sails.

We congratulate the MV Afros on its maiden voyage to Newcastle and we look forward to welcoming the vessel back to our terminal in the future.

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