Throsby Creek Cleanup

Throsby Creek the winner in clean up

22 September 2017

Two clean ups of Carrington’s Throsby Creek have yielded more than 300 kilograms of rubbish – and valuable clues to improve the environmental standard of the catchment in the future.

Led by Port Waratah Coal Services’ Community Terminal meeting group in partnership with Hunter Local Land Service, teams removed 51 kg of rubbish on Sunday and then another 272 kg on Wednesday, for a total of 323 kg.

Wednesday’s collection included two large tires and 69.5 kg of recyclables. High numbers of consumer and packaging items, such as straws, confectionary wrappers, cups, drink bottles, plastic wrapping, were noted.

An analysis of one sample bag found 50 plastic packaging items, 49 soft plastic remnants and 30 straws, plastic cups or pieces of cutlery. Another sample bag of recyclables found 32 plastic drink bottles, 17 carboard drink cartons, 17 glass bottles and 10 aluminium cans.

The Chief Executive Officer of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy, said the analysis beyond the clean up was important to help keep this important part of Newcastle’s environment in the best possible shape.

The analysed samples were recorded for uploading to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative database by rangers from Taree Indigenous Development and Employment (TIDE).

This data will be used by agencies such as Hunter Local Land Service to refine, implement and improve the Throsby Catchment Action Plan.

“Thanks to all the volunteers on the day – Port Waratah employees, ARTC employees and members from the local community,” Mr du Plooy said.

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