Port Waratah Welcomes Recommendation for Terminal 4 Approval

Terminal 4 has reached another milestone today, with the Department of Planning & Environment recommending the Project for approval and referring the application to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) for determination.

“We have been seeking approval for Terminal 4 for almost five years, and this is a very welcome next step in the process,” said Mr du Plooy, CEO of Port Waratah Coal Services.

 “We were broadly supportive of the outcomes of the PAC review last year and subsequently agreed with a number of the PAC’s recommendations,” said Mr du Plooy.

“As part of the Terminal 4 engineering and environmental studies we have extensively examined the different engineering and construction options to reach an outcome that best balances the environmental, social, economic and engineering factors, and we have sought to continue to achieve this balance when responding to the PAC’s recommendations,” he said.

 “Coal shipments from Newcastle’s terminals are approximately on par with this time last year, despite the challenging economic climate. This only reinforces the importance of planning for future coal export infrastructure,” he said.

Port Waratah Coal Services understands that PAC will now review the Department of Planning & Environment’s report before proceeding to make a determination. Terminal 4 will also require approval under the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999).

For more information on the Planning Assessment Commission go to: www.pac.nsw.gov.au



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