Port Waratah Accepts Fine for Sump Overflow

Port Waratah Coal Services has been fined $15,000 overnight, over a small discharge into the harbour at its Carrington Coal Terminal in October 2012.

Port Waratah was found guilty in Newcastle Local Court of a breach of Section 120 of the Protection

of the Environment Operations Act (1997) in regard to the pollution of waters, following a prosecution commenced by the EPA.

The EPA agreed that the overflow from a sump did not cause material harm to the environment.

The prosecution was in relation to a small overflow (estimated to be 40 litres) from a sump into the harbour. This was as a result of maintenance workers turning a pump to manual and a lack of an immediate response by Port Waratah employees to an alarm.

Port Waratah notified the EPA of the overflow that day in accordance with the Act and has cooperated fully with investigations.

Port Waratah apologises unreservedly for the incident and acknowledges that incidents of this nature are not acceptable. Port Waratah will continue to implement management procedures with the aim of improving and maintaining high standards of water management at all of its sites including Carrington Coal Terminal.

Port Waratah has spent more than $2.2 million on new and improved water management system improvements following this, and another incident in 2012.


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