Planning for Future Opportunity - Terminal 4 Report Goes Public

The next milestone on Terminal 4’s journey has been reached with the public exhibition of the Preferred Project Report (PPR) opening on Monday (16th September 2013) for a period of six weeks.

The report on exhibition details Port Waratah Coal Services’ plan for a privately funded, multi-billion dollar infrastructure investment, which would provide opportunity and jobs for the Hunter and New South Wales for many years to come.

“We have a long history of progressively delivering coal handling capacity to meet the needs of the industry by having plans in place in advance of when demand requires it,” said Mr du Plooy.

“Large complex projects like Terminal 4 take many years to develop, so we have to continue planning through the ups and downs of the various market cycles. If we leave the development approval until the project is required, we will not be able to deliver it in time to meet that need and the economic benefits - to the State, the community and the industry - will be lost,” he said.

“It is also of benefit to the community that we get through the approval process and remove uncertainty about the future, possible impacts and performance expectations of the project.

“For the coal industry it provides certainty that there is a path to developing additional export capacity if it is required, a position which allows potential coal producers to make better investment decisions.

As well as responding to the 488 public submissions received last year, the PPR also details how three ecological offset areas – Tomago, Ellalong and Brundee – will be provided as offsets for the potential ecological impacts of Terminal 4.

These sites will provide over 850ha of protected habitat for endangered species if the Project is approved.

The PPR reviews the noise and air quality modelling for construction and operations scenarios for the 70mpta footprint.

The modelling results predict that Terminal 4 will operate within all government standards for air quality – including PM10 and PM2.5.

The Project is also predicted to comply with the NSW Industrial Noise Policy in residential areas. When assessed cumulatively, it is expected to comply with current Kooragang Terminal compliance levels.

The public exhibition is facilitated by the Department of Planning & Infrastructure.

The report will be available for public comment between 16th September and 28th October 2013.


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