Kooragang Terminal Celebrates 30 Years of Operations

In November 1979 the NSW State Government announced the acceptance of findings by the Coal Export Strategy Task Force, recommending the construction of a major new loader at Kooragang.

A further announcement was made by the Government in January 1981 that a new company would be formed to build and operate the loader.

Some six months later the NSW Government announced that BHP would become the operator of the Kooragang Coal Loader (KCL). The new coal loader was built and first coal was received from Saxonvale Mine on 20 December 1983 and the first shipment left on 9 May 1984 on board the bulk carrier ‘KYOTO’ for Sumitomo Cement in Japan. KCL Stage 1 consisted of one dump station, two stackers, two reclaimers and one shiploader, with a loading capacity of 15 million tonnes per annum.

Fast forward 30 years and the current day Kooragang Coal Terminal consists of four rail dump stations, six stackers, four reclaimers and three shiploaders and has a throughput capacity of 120 million tonnes per annum.

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