Port Waratah Terminal 4 Announcement

Port Waratah expect existing coal terminal capacity to be sufficient for foreseeable growth

31 May 2018

Port Waratah Coal Services have advised the Port of Newcastle that it intends to allow the Terminal 4 Agreement for Lease to lapse when it expires in August 2019, Chief Executive Officer Hennie du Plooy said today.  This means that Port Waratah does not intend to proceed with the Terminal 4 development.

Mr du Plooy said Port Waratah have consulted with a full range of industry stakeholders and concluded that the capacity of the existing coal terminals, including potential expansion options, are likely to be sufficient to cater for future growth in coal exports.

Market conditions for Hunter Valley coal are strong, with Newcastle exports stable near record levels and prices are once again above US$100 per tonne.  At Port Waratah’s terminals 105 million tonnes were loaded in 2017 and incremental growth is expected this year. 

“With significant growth capacity available in the existing terminals, we do not expect that the conditions to support an investment of the large and long-term nature of Terminal 4 will be in place before the development approval lapses in September 2020,” Mr du Plooy said.

“We are proud of the role our Carrington and Kooragang terminals play in connecting Hunter Valley coal with the world and we are confident that with ongoing investment in the reliability and performance of these terminals, we will be well positioned and flexible enough to adjust quickly to changes in demand.”

While Port Waratah will not build a fourth terminal, coal constitutes the bulk of Newcastle port volumes and will remain a big part of Newcastle’s future. “Coal is a key component of the global energy mix and is forecast to remain so for the foreseeable future, particularly in our core markets in South East Asia,” Mr du Plooy said.

A key strength of the Hunter Valley coal chain is its reliability and efficiency, which is delivered through industry-led centralised planning and the flexibility provided by the different terminals. “For this reason, both Carrington and Kooragang terminals are central to our operations,” Mr du Plooy said.  “Carrington makes a unique and important contribution by providing Port Waratah with the capability to load small vessels and cargoes efficiently.”

“We are committed to understanding and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders, particularly in limiting noise, reducing dust and water usage, and creating the smallest environmental footprint that we can. We continue to make significant investments in our terminals, to improve both operational and environmental performance.

Mr du Plooy said that as part of the company’s commitment to keep stakeholders and the community informed on the status of the T4 proposal, Port Waratah was making the statement as soon as possible.

For more information please contact Paul Chamberlin
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Port Waratah and the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI)

Port Waratah and the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI). Statement provided to the Newcastle Herald on Wednesday 30-May-2018

Media Release 30/05/2018

Boost for Soul Café’s Mental Health Clinic

In a welcome boost for their mental health services, Rick Prosser, Soul Café CEO, announced that Port Waratah Coal Services have extended their funding of the Soul Café mental health clinician.

28 May 2018

“The clinic is essential in providing our guests with outreach mental health support in a friendly, familiar environment” Mr Prosser said.

Port Waratah has been funding the clinician for 10 hours per week since 2015. The extension of the partnership between Soul Café and Port Waratah Coal Services will now enable the Mental Health Clinician to be funded for a total of 25 hours per week until the end of 2019.

“This gives us the ability to maintain our highly qualified clinician and greater opportunity to support our most vulnerable guests” Mr Prosser said.

In 2017, 344 mental health sessions were provided to 100 individuals, most of who carry very complex health related issues. Coupled with Soul Café’s volunteer run Doctor’s Clinic the synergies and outcomes for the guests are in some cases life changing and lifesaving. The importance of the clinician is profound, one guest, Glenn, shared his experience:

Glenn has been seeing Tim, Soul Cafe’s Mental Health Clinician, for the last three months. When Glenn first came to Soul Café, he had lost access to his son due to relationship breakdown. As a result of this, he was connected with Tim, and was assisted on a journey to reconnect with his son, who is now in his care. The Mental Health Clinician is now supporting Glenn with parenting and maintaining the reconnection with his son. 
“After seeing Tim it’s a relief. He doesn’t sugar coat things. He’s upfront and honest with you. He will tell you things that you need to hear, but in a good way.
Tim has been sick for two weeks, and I was really struggling, but I saw him yesterday and we spoke for an hour. I feel better today and reassured after seeing him again. He’s good to talk to and I feel comfortable around him.” says Glenn.

Port Waratah CEO, Hennie du Plooy, said he was grateful for the partnership with Soul Café and pleased to see the community funded organisation go from strength to strength.

“We are so proud that we can support a group like Soul Café – a local organisation supporting our local people in need. The growth of the service, and its positive impact on Newcastle’s most needy is a testament to the volunteers and staff”.

“Our Community Investment and Partnership Programme is something we are very proud to share with the Newcastle and Hunter Region, and it is with partnerships like that with Soul Café that we can help deliver positive benefits to our local community” Mr du Plooy said.

For more information please contact
Trudie Larnach
Office:  (02) 4907 2396

Contributing locally, sharing value sustainably – 2017 Sustainable Development Report

Port Waratah Coal Services have published their 2017 Sustainable Development Report, the sixth since the company commenced reporting on its management approach to sustainability and operational, environmental and social performance.

12 April 2018

“Sustainability considerations are integral to Port Waratah’s day to day operations” said Hennie du Plooy, Chief Executive Officer of Port Waratah. “We are continuously looking at how we can improve our operations to contribute to the global sustainability agenda in a local context.”

“Our strategic focus is to meet the changing expectations and demands of our employees, customers and community. Our Sustainable Development Report is our annual scorecard, reporting on our performance against the commitments we have made to our stakeholders, in line with our values, business drivers and management processes.”

Themed People and Partnerships the 2017 Report represents a step up in maturity, putting Port Waratah at the forefront amongst local industry in assessing and reporting on sustainability performance. The Report was prepared in accordance with the Global Report Initiative (GRI) Standards, and for the first time achieved the Core option. The Report also considers how Port Waratah’s activities are positioned in the framework provided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

The SDG’s are a set of 17 goals ratified by UN Member States and identified for achievement by 2030. To understand its position, Port Waratah has mapped its operations within the SDG framework.  The Sustainable Development Report demonstrates that Port Waratah already contributes to many of the goals, including; Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and Responsible Consumption and Production.

“We value this perspective because describing the impact of our activities against a framework such as the SDG’s is one measure of performance through which we give local stakeholders comfort that our operations are managed to world class standards,” Mr du Plooy said.

Port Waratah has been a part of Newcastle for over 40 years. Their terminal services underpin the activities of the Hunter Valley coal chain, providing a local service to local producers. Sharing their value locally is key to helping create prosperity for the Region.

“Contributing locally in a sustainable manner is important to us. Over 80 per cent of our 2017 expenditure was spent in the local region, equivalent to approximately 80 million dollars.  In addition, we invest three quarters of a million dollars annually in local community projects, and are proud that 74 per cent of our employees live in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie local government areas” Mr du Plooy said.

Read the 2017 Sustainable Development Report here.

For more information please contact
Trudie Larnach
Office:  (02) 4907 2396

Child Life Therapist Project Wins Inaugural Community Pitchfest

A community pitch for a Child Life Therapist to assist children undergoing cancer treatment has taken out top honours at the 2018 Port Waratah Community Pitchfest.

Guy Clegg from Charlie’s Run 4 Kids made a unique, enthusiastic and heartfelt pitch to a panel of four judges to secure the $2,500 first prize on Thursday 22 March.

The pitchfest was held during Port Waratah’s Community Partner Networking Event which brought together the community partners from the 2017 Community Investment and Partnership Programme. All 2017 partners were invited to submit their expressions of interest to be selected in the final six to present their pitch at the event. The pitches gave Port Waratah’s community partners an opportunity to showcase their community projects and a chance to gain extra funding.

The judging panel included representatives from business, industry, media and the not for profit sector, including; Hennie du Plooy – Port Waratah, Wayne Diemar – HunterNet, Brad Rogers – 9|NBN and Grace McClean – NFP Connect.

All six finalists walked away with funding for their projects, based on the judges scores:

$2,500 – Charlies Run 4 Kids, Child Life Therapist
$1,500 – Conservation Volunteers Australia, World Environment Day Tree Planting Challenge
$1,000 – OzHarvest, NEST (Nice Easy Simple Tips) & Stockton Public School P&C, iPads 21st Century Learning
$500 – Great Lifestyles of Wickham (GLOW), Harmony Day & Newcastle Basketball, Safe Entry for the Stadium

The Chief Executive Officer of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy, said Port Waratah is committed to investing in the local community to make Newcastle a smart, vibrant and sustainable place to live and work.

“Our Community Investment and Partnership Programme is something we are very proud to share with the Newcastle and Hunter Region. Providing funding is just the start, the real heroes are the people and organisations out in the community using those funds to do good. We are very privileged to be partnering with them" Mr du Plooy said.

In 2017 Port Waratah provided $747,125 to 112 community organisations, initiatives and events. For more information on Port Waratah’s Community Investment and Partnership Programme visit

For more information please contact
Trudie Larnach
Office:  (02) 4907 2396

Wind propelled vessel berths at Port Waratah

Port Waratah welcomed the MV Afros at the Carrington Terminal on Friday 9 February 2018, the first wind propelled vessel to visit the Port of Newcastle.

14 February 2018

The vessel features four large vertical rotor sails (wind turbines) on the starboard side. Each unit sits on a carriage structure which allows the rotor sails to be repositioned along the deck to facilitate shiploading. Whilst berthed the rotors remain stationary, and are activated just prior to de-berthing.

The rotors work using the principles of the Magnus effect. When the wind passes around the spinning rotor sail, the air flow accelerates on one side and decelerates on the opposite side. The difference in air flow creates a thrust force that is perpendicular to the wind flow direction, thereby propelling the vessel.

An energy source is required to spin the sail, but the thrust produced by the rotors reduces the need for engine power significantly, without losing operating speed. Therefore, saving fuel and ultimately reducing emissions.

The rotors can be designed and installed on new vessels, or retrofitted to existing vessels. Fuel savings range between 5-15% depending on the vessel, its cargo and the number of rotor sails.

We congratulate the MV Afros on its maiden voyage to Newcastle and we look forward to welcoming the vessel back to our terminal in the future.

For more information please contact
Trudie Larnach
Office:  (02) 4907 2396

Committed to delivering for customers and the region

After four days of adverse weather conditions off the Newcastle coast affecting vessel movements, Port Waratah Coal Services has displayed its ability to adapt to challenges with a bumper weekend of shiploading.

22 January 2018

A record 512,504 tonnes was loaded on Saturday 20 January, breaking the previous daily shiploading record set in May 2016 by more than 10,000 tonnes.

Due to heavy swell vessel movements in the Port of Newcastle were restricted from early last week, with shiploading at Port Waratah’s Carrington and Kooragang terminals ceasing from Monday 15 to Friday 19 January. Despite the weather stoppage, Port Waratah’s focus remained committed to servicing its customers while reducing impacts on the community.

Working closely with HVCCC inbound rail receivals from customers continued, ensuring minimal disruption to the coal chain. Extensive planning of stacker movements and coordination of stockyard layout allowed a record 2.96 million tonnes to be held across the two terminals until vessel movements recommenced.

During the weather restriction, the vessel queue grew to 17. Over the last three days, significant operational efficiency and shiploading activity has recovered the queue to nine, with the expectation this will further reduce in the coming days.

The Chief Executive Officer of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy, said Port Waratah actively continues to plan and remain flexible in changing circumstances, to benefit its customers, the coal chain and the community.

“The performance over the weekend is a testament to the quality of our people – working together as one outstanding team, to deliver quality, agile service for our customers and the region” Mr du Plooy said.

For more information please contact
Trudie Larnach
Office:  (02) 4907 2396

Throsby Creek Cleanup

Throsby Creek the winner in clean up

22 September 2017

Two clean ups of Carrington’s Throsby Creek have yielded more than 300 kilograms of rubbish – and valuable clues to improve the environmental standard of the catchment in the future.

Led by Port Waratah Coal Services’ Community Terminal meeting group in partnership with Hunter Local Land Service, teams removed 51 kg of rubbish on Sunday and then another 272 kg on Wednesday, for a total of 323 kg.

Wednesday’s collection included two large tires and 69.5 kg of recyclables. High numbers of consumer and packaging items, such as straws, confectionary wrappers, cups, drink bottles, plastic wrapping, were noted.

An analysis of one sample bag found 50 plastic packaging items, 49 soft plastic remnants and 30 straws, plastic cups or pieces of cutlery. Another sample bag of recyclables found 32 plastic drink bottles, 17 carboard drink cartons, 17 glass bottles and 10 aluminium cans.

The Chief Executive Officer of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy, said the analysis beyond the clean up was important to help keep this important part of Newcastle’s environment in the best possible shape.

The analysed samples were recorded for uploading to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative database by rangers from Taree Indigenous Development and Employment (TIDE).

This data will be used by agencies such as Hunter Local Land Service to refine, implement and improve the Throsby Catchment Action Plan.

“Thanks to all the volunteers on the day – Port Waratah employees, ARTC employees and members from the local community,” Mr du Plooy said.

For more information please contact Paul Chamberlin Office: (02) 6239 7037 Mobile: 0419 233 989 Email:

Pioneering Through Partnership - 2016 Sustainable Development Report

In 2016 we celebrated 40 years of operation. Behind us, and in front of us, lies steadfast success built on our performance as pioneers and partners.

31 March 2017

This, our fifth Sustainable Development Report, describes our corporate sustainability performance for the 2016 calendar year. Unlike our last report, this year we describe our performance in terms of our business drivers for success, which better aligns with our business strategy and internal reporting. The report has been written using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards as a guidance tool. The Sustainable Development report provides a snapshot of who were in 2016. Last year’s report is now available here.

For more information, please contact:
Trudie Larnach
Office: (02) 4907 2386

Helping Jenny's Place help Newcastle women

Domestic violence is an issue for all Novocastrians, and Port Waratah is increasing its involvement with Jenny’s Place to help support women and children who are exposed to the damaging effects of violence in their homes.

After a number of years of ongoing support, Port Waratah is stepping up its financial contribution to provide $160,000 in funding in 2017 and 2018 to assist Jenny’s Place Newcastle Domestic Violence Resource Centre, which was established in 2008.

The Domestic Violence Resource Centre is the only centre of its type in Newcastle. It provides counselling, information, safety and escape planning, advocacy, and referral services to women and children who are escaping domestic and family violence or homelessness.

The two-year partnership will provide increased capacity for Jenny’s Place to develop strategies and plans to transition to a more sustainable future funding model, and increase staffing levels. At present, the Resource Centre does not receive any government funding, and relies entirely on community donations, small grants, and fundraising.

Marcia Chapman, Jenny’s Place Manager said: “The demand for the services the Resource Centre provides in Newcastle is increasing.” The Resource Centre was accessed by 739 clients in 2011, which grew to 1,348 by 2015. The main factors behind this include increased media coverage of domestic violence, community and political attention, the White Ribbon program and pleas for victims to seek support.

“The support from Port Waratah means that we can better meet demand for Specialist Domestic Violence Support Services and provide more education to the community. It also provides us with the opportunity to work towards securing long term funding ensuring that victims of Domestic Violence and their families are able to access specialist Domestic Violence support services.

We can’t thank Port Waratah enough for their ongoing support to Jenny’s Place and our Resource Centre, it really means a lot to us.” said Marcia

The Chief Executive Officer of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy, said domestic violence should not, and cannot, be tolerated within society.

“We feel that collaborating at a local community level, companies like ours can assist in the magnificent and often unsung work that is being done by those at Jenny’s Place,” he said.

“The more we work together to say that domestic violence is not okay, the quicker cultural change occurs.”


For more information please contact

Paul Chamberlin

Office: (02) 6239 7037

Mobile: 0419 233 989


Rio Tinto announcement regarding Coal and Allied

Port Waratah notes the announcement by Rio Tinto tonight that it has reached an agreement to sell its interest in Coal and Allied Industries Ltd to Yancoal Australia Ltd.

24 January 2017

The announcement indicated that the transaction remains subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals and is expected to complete in the third quarter of 2017.

Through its shareholding in Port Waratah, Coal and Allied has the right to appoint three Directors and nominate one of these Directors as the Chair of the Board. It also has the right to nominate a person to fill the role of Chief Executive Officer. As we currently understand the proposed transaction these rights will remain with Coal and Allied as it transitions to new ownership.

Employees of Port Waratah are employed by Port Waratah Coal Services Limited and are unlikely to be affected by the proposed transaction. While the transaction progresses, Port Waratah continues to operate as usual to deliver the services our customers expect and to do so safely.


Enquiries: Jeff Townsend

Tel: 0412-625-466

UPDATE: Conveyor Fire at Kooragang Coal Terminal

Operations at Port Waratah’s Kooragang Terminal have resumed following a fire on a conveyor system on Friday afternoon.

27 November 2016

Inbound coal operations at Kooragang resumed on Friday night, while two of the three outbound conveyor streams resumed about 4.30pm on Saturday.

We are presently working on repairs for the remaining third stream and at this stage we expect to be able to return it to service by the end of this week.

For more information please contact 

Paul Chamberlin

Mobile: 0419 233 989


Conveyor Fire at Kooragang Coal Terminal

This afternoon at approximately 3:00pm a fire was identified on a conveyor system at Port Waratah’s Kooragang Terminal. The conveyor system was not operating at the time.

25 November 2016

Fire & Rescue NSW arrived shortly after and the fire was quickly extinguished.

No-one was injured during the incident.

Kooragang Terminal operations have been suspended as the incident is investigated.

We would like to thank emergency services for their quick and effective response.




For more information please contact

Paul Chamberlin

Mobile: 0419 233 989


New Shiploaders Arrive at Port Waratah

At noon today two new shiploaders arrived in the Port of Newcastle on the big lift vessel, the Happy Buccaneer bound for Port Waratah’s Carrington Terminal.

24 July 2016

After loading more than 300 million tonnes of coal over the past 40 years, the hard working shiploaders at Port Waratah Coal Services’ Carrington Terminal are being replaced. The two new machines are an investment in the reliability, safety and performance of Port Waratah’s Carrington Terminal.

“It’s been great to witness so many people out and about on the harbour viewing the arrival of the new shiploaders” said Terry Tynan, General Manager of Development for Port Waratah. “We have filmed the arrival to capture the moment and share with the community. You can find the video on our website and social media.” said Mr Tynan.

“Now that they have arrived we move to the next phase of the project, lifting the new shiploaders onto the wharf for commissioning and integration into the operations. We expect to resume normal operations at Carrington by the end of the year.”

Residents wishing to find out more can contact the project team in the following ways:

P:          (02) 4907 2280 (24-hr Community Enquiries Line)


P:          PO BOX 57 Carrington, NSW 2294


Media contact: Mark Baker 0407340174

Port Waratah to Update Shiploaders

After loading more than 300 million tonnes of coal over the past 40 years, the hard working shiploaders at Port Waratah Coal Services’ Carrington terminal are about to be replaced.

With the machines nearing the end of their lifespan, the shiploaders will be replaced by two new machines in an investment in the reliability, safety and performance of Port Waratah’s Carrington Terminal. Due to the sheer size of this infrastructure, the replacement project is a major feat of complex engineering and logistics, said the Chief Executive Officer of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy.

“The shiploaders have been fabricated off-site and will be brought into the Port of Newcastle by water over the weekend.” Mr du Plooy said. “Over the period of a week we will lift the new shiploaders onto the wharf. The three existing shiploaders will be removed during the commissioning phase, and will be dismantled offsite.

“Commissioning and integration into the operation will take about five months and we expect to resume normal operations at Carrington by the end of the year. Our operations on Kooragang Island will be unaffected.

“This is a complicated project and keeping our neighbours, partners and the Newcastle community informed of our plans is important to us. It is also exciting news for us, because although the capacity of Carrington is not changing, these new shiploaders have been built to modern safety, environmental and technological standards.”

While the new shiploaders were manufactured overseas, Port Waratah has been committed to also contributing to the local economy. The project is managed by a locally based team, with $22 million spent in Australia (and $9 million locally) on products and services including engineering, training, quality assurance, construction management, water and electrical systems.

Port Waratah already maintains exacting standards for air quality, noise and water management - including meeting relevant environmental licence requirements - and meeting those standards while delivering this project is a core project objective.

Residents wishing to find out more can contact the project team in the following ways:

P:          (02) 4907 2280 (24-hr Community Enquiries Line)


P:          PO BOX 57 Carrington, NSW 2294


Media contact: Mark Baker 0407340174

Community Announcement

Port Waratah understand that a number of people are planning protests on or around Newcastle Harbour on Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May.

While Port Waratah respects the right of Australians to express their political views, we urge them in the strongest terms to conduct themselves in a peaceful and safe manner and not to enter private property.

Safety is always our number one concern.

Port Waratah’s equipment and machinery, most of which are automated or controlled remotely, can be dangerous for those who are untrained and unaware. It would be a tragedy if a protestor was injured or killed on site, or if the lives of workers or the police were placed in danger by the actions of a few.

There are also exclusion zones in place around vessels, even whilst at berth. These are in place to ensure the safety of members of the public, wharf workers and vessel crew. We ask that you respect these exclusion zones. Our very real concern is that someone will be seriously injured or killed if these warnings are ignored.

We remain committed to respectful, honest and transparent communication with the community. We aim to perform our activities in a manner which minimises impacts on the environment and the local community - not just because it’s the right thing to do but because this is the region in which we and our families live.

Media contact: Paul Chamberlin 0419 233 989



2015 Sustainable Development Report Published

Each year Port Waratah publishes a report on its performance across key areas of Sustainable Development; governance, people, social, economic and environmental.

The Sustainable Development report provides a snapshot of who were in 2015. Last year’s report is now available here.


The first edition of the 2016 Community Newsletter has also been published and is being delivered to over 10,000 homes in portside suburbs. Check out what we’ve been up to since Christmas: 2016, edition 1 Community Newsletter.



Pioneering through Partnership

At a function last week, Port Waratah Coal Services and around 130 stakeholders gathered to celebrate and recognise the third anniversary of the Port Waratah’s Community Investment and Partnership Programme.

The event was held at the Newcastle Community Arts Centre and saw performances from the Carrington Public School Drummers and Happy Ukulele Group of Stockton (HUGS). Storylines, a book which features the stories of about 30 community partners from the last three years, was also launched at the evening.

Port Waratah CEO Hennie du Plooy said that the aim of Storylines is not just to report the key statistics of the programme over 2013, 2014 and 2015 but to share the stories behind those numbers.

“Through the partnership programme we have the privilege to see the amount and the diversity of work that happens in our community, often with very little recognition,” said Mr du Plooy.

“We have aimed to showcase the breadth and depth of work done by a diverse range of people and organisations. Storylines demonstrates the difference community-based projects can make to individuals, families and communities,” he said.

Over the last three years Port Waratah has provided over $2.1 million in community investments to over 135 different community partners which has helped enable:

  • The delivery of 150,000 meals to local charities by the Ozharvest team
  • 14,000 volunteer hours at the Mission to Seafarers
  • 1,700 nippers learning vital life skills on our city beaches
  • 800 families to celebrate Christmas because of the Bikers for Kids Toy Run each year
  • 115 Dads empowering their daughters through DADEE at the University of Newcastle
  • 45 Happy Ukulele Players at Stockton
  • 20 local schools support the development of the next generation of community leaders
  • 8.64 square meters of cultural mapping of the Port of Newcastle

“As a business and as community members, we are very proud of the impact of these community investments and partnerships but are very mindful that the shared benefits can only be delivered with the help and support of our partners.”

“We want to thank our partners for working with us and allowing us to make a contribution, to participate in their particular communities and help them achieve such important results,” he said.

“One of the biggest challenges in this area of work is communicating the real impact. No matter how large or detailed the statistics, they never quite seem to be able to communicate and share the difference organisations and projects have made to individuals, families and communities. This is why we have developed the Storylines book.”

The Storylines book can be downloaded by clicking here.


High resolution photographs available on request

For interviews with Port Waratah representatives or any of the organisations featured in the Storylines book please contact:

Paul Chamberlin

Office: (02) 6239 7037

Mobile: 0419 233 989




Terminal 4 Receives Planning Approval from NSW State Government

Port Waratah Coal Services welcomes the approval, subject to conditions, of the Terminal 4 Project by the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC).

“After almost five years, today marks a significant and very welcome milestone for the Terminal 4 Project and the local coal industry,” said Port Waratah CEO Hennie du Plooy.

“The world has changed since we originally lodged the application for Terminal 4 in 2010 and the need for extra coal export capacity is not so immediate,” said Mr du Plooy.

“Despite this, planning certainty will allow the industry to respond in good time if additional capacity is required,” he said.

“The PAC’s determination also provides the community with certainty about the conditions that would apply to a development.”

The assessment process has been lengthy and detailed, with significant opportunities for community input.

The process to date has involved around 1700 days of assessment, dozens of individual technical studies, over 125 days of public exhibition and over 30 hours of public hearings.

“Port Waratah welcomes and values the contributions made by many in the community in the process to date,” said Mr du Plooy.

The Project will now be reviewed by the Commonwealth Government under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC), specifically in relation to the Project impact on ecology.

To read the Planning Assessment Commission report please visit their website by clicking here.



For more information please contact

Paul Chamberlin

Mobile: 0419 233 989


Port Waratah Announces Penny Winn as New Chair

Port Waratah Coal Services announced the appointment of a new Chairperson today following the retirement of Michael Harvey at the end of May.

Ms Penny Winn was appointed chair effective from 1st June, bringing with her significant experience in supply chain strategy and the logistics industry, including with the Woolworths Limited Group.

Ms Winn said that she is looking forward to the challenges of the role.

"As a key service provider to the Hunter Valley coal industry, Port Waratah continues to adjust to the difficult market environment being experienced by our customers. I hope to contribute to developing this key business so that it can achieve its best in all market conditions," said Ms Winn.

"Port Waratah recognises the importance of building positive relationships and working in partnership with its stakeholders and I will encourage Management to ensure that every employee understands his or her role in securing our licence to operate," she said.

The Chief Executive Officer of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy, welcomed Ms Winn to the role.

"I look forward very much to working with Penny as Chair to ensure that we continue to deliver reliable and high quality services to the coal industry," he said.

Ms Winn was nominated for the position by Coal & Allied, in accordance with the provisions of the Port Waratah Coal Services Ltd constitution.



Penny Winn

Penny Winn has been Director Group Retail Services with Woolworths Limited since December 2011. She is responsible for leading the Logistics and Information Technology divisions across Woolworths Limited. Penny also leads the company’s multichannel and Mercury 2 (supply chain transformation) strategies. She is a member of the Management Board. Penny is also a Director of Quantium – Australia’s leading Data Analytics Company.

Penny has a strong background in logistics with over 12 years’ experience in this space. Penny commenced her retail career at Grace Bros, before initially joining Woolworths Limited in 1987. During her time with the company, she held a number of key roles, including General Manager Project Mercury (responsible for the original transformation of the Woolworths Supply Chain), General Manager Retail Support and National Manager Banking. In 2006 Penny was seconded to the role of Director of Strategy and Change at Asda Stores U.K. PLC (a division of Walmart). On returning to Australia in early 2008 Penny took up the role of Executive General Manager, Merchandise and Logistics for Myer.

Penny holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Australia National University and an MBA from the University of Technology, Sydney.


Port Waratah Coal Services

Port Waratah is an unlisted, public company, whose main purpose is to deliver a high quality, cost-effective coal-handling service which meets customers’ need for reliable and equitable access to export terminal capacity in the Port of Newcastle.

Port Waratah owns and operates the Kooragang and Carrington Coal Terminals, with a combined throughput capacity of 145 million tonnes per annum. Port Waratah is currently seeking a development approval for the proposed Terminal 4 project which would provide an extra 70 million tonnes of annual capacity.

Port Waratah’s shareholders are Hunter Valley coal producers and Japanese coal customers.



For more information please contact

Paul Chamberlin

Office: (02) 6239 7037

Mobile: 0419 233 989


Port Waratah Welcomes Recommendation for Terminal 4 Approval

Terminal 4 has reached another milestone today, with the Department of Planning & Environment recommending the Project for approval and referring the application to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) for determination.

“We have been seeking approval for Terminal 4 for almost five years, and this is a very welcome next step in the process,” said Mr du Plooy, CEO of Port Waratah Coal Services.

 “We were broadly supportive of the outcomes of the PAC review last year and subsequently agreed with a number of the PAC’s recommendations,” said Mr du Plooy.

“As part of the Terminal 4 engineering and environmental studies we have extensively examined the different engineering and construction options to reach an outcome that best balances the environmental, social, economic and engineering factors, and we have sought to continue to achieve this balance when responding to the PAC’s recommendations,” he said.

 “Coal shipments from Newcastle’s terminals are approximately on par with this time last year, despite the challenging economic climate. This only reinforces the importance of planning for future coal export infrastructure,” he said.

Port Waratah Coal Services understands that PAC will now review the Department of Planning & Environment’s report before proceeding to make a determination. Terminal 4 will also require approval under the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999).

For more information on the Planning Assessment Commission go to:



For media enquiries please contact:

Paul Chamberlin

Office: (02) 6239 7037

Mobile: 0419 233 989


Port Waratah Announces Resignation of Chairman

The Chairman of Port Waratah Coal Services, Michael Harvey, has announced that he is stepping down after nearly six years in the role.

Mr Harvey made the announcement at a regular meeting of the Port Waratah Board today and will formally step down at the end of May.

Since he took on the role in August in 2009, Mr Harvey has overseen a period of substantial change at Port Waratah.

In this period the Hunter Valley coal industry has seen rapid growth in demand and terminal capacity followed by the current environment of depressed prices and demand.

During Mr Harvey’s tenure as Chairman, Port Waratah has made significant progress in a number of key areas:

  • A significant reduction in injury frequency rates has been achieved;
  • The Long Term Commercial Framework was adopted and implemented, delivering certainty of access and throughput and significant capacity benefits to coal producers;
  • The Kooragang Terminal Expansion Projects were completed, bringing capacity to the consented limit of 120 million tonnes per annum;
  • The Terminal 4 assessment process has been advanced through a first round of PAC hearings; and
  • The business has been substantially restructured to improve efficiency and productivity, delivering the benefits of an exceptionally low coal handling charge to its customers.

Mr Harvey said that he is extremely heartened by the vastly improved safety performance at Port Waratah.

"The results being achieved are a credit to each employee and contractor and reflect the commitment of everyone involved at Port Waratah in creating a culture of zero harm," Mr Harvey said.

Mr Harvey added that Port Waratah has adapted quickly and effectively to the changing business environment and the team can be proud of its achievements in responding to the challenges currently facing the coal industry.

"This is exemplified by the reduction of the coal handling change to the lowest level in Port Waratah’s history, while continuing to strive to meet all the expectations of our many stakeholders, particularly the community," he said.

"I wish the Directors, management, employees and contractors all the very best for the future in continuing to position Port Waratah as the most efficient coal export terminal in the world."

Port Waratah Coal Services will make an announcement regarding a replacement for Mr Harvey in due course.



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Supporting Local Surf Clubs

Port Waratah is very proud of our long-running partnership with Newcastle Surf Life Saving Club, which has provided $180,000 to the club over the last six years.

This partnership assisted in volunteers delivering over 22,638 patrolling hours, undertaking 9,276 preventative actions and 180 rescues.

Newcastle Beach is consistently visited by over 30,000 people per year during lifesaving hours, enjoying beach activities under the watchful eye of 160 patrolling members across seven patrols.

Newcastle Surf Club is also an important team member of the SLS 24 hour rapid response team, conducting rescues in time-critical life and death situations in aquatic environments. Contributions to this regional team include two members being fully trained in night time inflatable rescue boat operations.

Over the past three seasons the nippers programme has grown dramatically – now reaching 180 nippers from five to 15 years old. The nippers program educates children about the benefits of servicing the community in an activity that teaches life skills that can benefit not only themselves but others.

The value that this partnership has consistently delivered to the members of the clubs and the local community has encouraged Port Waratah to pursue partnerships with each of the six Newcastle Clubs – from Stockton to Merewether.

Kooragang Terminal Celebrates 30 Years of Operations

In November 1979 the NSW State Government announced the acceptance of findings by the Coal Export Strategy Task Force, recommending the construction of a major new loader at Kooragang.

A further announcement was made by the Government in January 1981 that a new company would be formed to build and operate the loader.

Some six months later the NSW Government announced that BHP would become the operator of the Kooragang Coal Loader (KCL). The new coal loader was built and first coal was received from Saxonvale Mine on 20 December 1983 and the first shipment left on 9 May 1984 on board the bulk carrier ‘KYOTO’ for Sumitomo Cement in Japan. KCL Stage 1 consisted of one dump station, two stackers, two reclaimers and one shiploader, with a loading capacity of 15 million tonnes per annum.

Fast forward 30 years and the current day Kooragang Coal Terminal consists of four rail dump stations, six stackers, four reclaimers and three shiploaders and has a throughput capacity of 120 million tonnes per annum.

Read the latest community news to see the changes at Kooragang in photographs.

Port Waratah Welcomes Release of Terminal 4 PAC Review Report

Port Waratah welcomes the conclusion by the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) that the Terminal 4 project is approvable, subject to certain conditions.

Port Waratah notes that in reflection of the diverse range of stakeholder input, the PAC has commented on a range of issues including some that also apply to the broader industry and the long term development of the Port of Newcastle.

“We are pleased that we have reached another critical milestone in an assessment process which has taken four years so far,” said the CEO of Port Waratah, Hennie du Plooy.

“To keep the process moving forward, we will aim to provide a response to the Department of Planning and Environment as promptly as possible, giving careful consideration to the recommendations and how they apply to the Project scope.

Despite challenging conditions, the Hunter Valley coal industry in 2014 is once again on track to increase output to record levels, reinforcing the need to continue planning for the future growth of coal exports from Newcastle,” he said.


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Port Waratah Announces a Reduction of Roles

Port Waratah announced to its workforce today a further 32 redundancies across its business.

The reductions include nine contractor, nine staff employee and 14 operators and trades roles.

Port Waratah CEO, Hennie du Plooy said the decision is consistent with the Hunter Valley coal industry’s focus on improving efficiency and productivity in response to current market conditions.

“We recognise the impact of changes like this on people and therefore don’t make these decisions lightly,” said Mr du Plooy.

“Industry demand for Port Waratah’s coal handling services remains high but it is important that we position our business to support the sustainability of the coal chain as a whole,” he added.


For more information please contact:

Paul Chamberlin

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