Community Relationships

We are proud to be an active and valued member of the Newcastle region. We aim to build genuine, reliable relationships with our stakeholders to create positive outcomes – for our customers, our community and the environment.

Port Waratah actively seeks to understand the expectations of those in our surrounding communities so that we can meet their various interests and concerns. We understand the community’s expectations may extend beyond regulatory compliance and we work hard to continuously improve our operational, environmental and social performance.

One of the ways we support this process is by conducting community surveys. Over the next two years we are partnering with Australia’s science agency, CSIRO, to facilitate our community surveys through their ‘Local Voices’ project.

Local Voices provides the communities neighbouring Port Waratah a way to confidentially express their views and experiences. This helps us understand and address the issues that matter most to our community.

CSIRO have finalised the analysis of the Anchor survey data, and a report will be available here. The next ‘Pulse’ survey will be conducted by CSIRO in March 2019 and we invite your feedback. If you did not participate in the Anchor survey, please click here to register on the Local Voices website. You will be notified when the Pulse survey is available.

We connect with our stakeholders through a broad range of methods including:

  • quarterly community terminal meetings
  • 24-hour community enquiry telephone line and online enquiry form
  • quarterly community newsletter
  • social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • meetings with Port Waratah representatives for anyone with concerns about our operations

Local Voices

We value your contribution. Provide your feedback through CSIRO’s Local Voices.

Community Enquiries

Concerned about ___? We care about your concern and will respond within 24hrs.